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The flour section in the Lewis and Cooper shop at Northallerton

Flour Power at Lewis and Cooper

Published on Monday 04 April 2016

Are you Bake-Off barmy, Mary Berry mad or Paul Hollywood passionate? More to the point are you baking cakes and making bread for yourself? We know they make it look easy but you canít do it without the right ingredients. Much of the mass produced flour available at supermarkets is little more than dust with no flavour or texture.

At Lewis & Cooper we are here to help. We stock over 60 different types of flour with something suitable for every type of bread or cake. A wide range of flours from specialist producers such as Wessex Mill, Sunflours and Doves are always available. We also have the lovely 100% stoneground wholemeal flour from Crakehall Watermill (a small traditional supplier we use locally - just down the road in Bedale). Not many food miles there!

As well as flours to produce particular types of bread such as onion bread we have semolina flour, soya flour as well as gluten free flour.

How about some tips from the experts?

- Mary swears by plain flour with a raising agent rather than self-raising flour
- Try the Crakehall wholemeal flour to get a real wheat smell from your bread. Plus itís good for you!
-Look up Paulís Rye bread recipe which includes some black treacle to produce fabulous posh picnic sandwiches
- Have you tried baking individual loaves as a dinner party treat in small clay plant-pots? Obviously they need to be very clean or better still new. First pre-treat the inside and outside of the pots by brushing them with cooking oil and pop them into a hot oven for 30/40 minutes. You need to repeat this 3 or 4 times to ďseasonĒ the pots. After that simply grease the pot and pop some of your carefully made dough into them. The results are worth the effort we assure you!

Why donít you pop along to our tardis-like shop in Northallerton and see our full range of flours and baking ingredients. You will find them at the far end of the shop or, if you get lost, simply ask a member of staff.