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Torres Purgatori Image of Bottle of Wine

Wine of the Month

Published on Tuesday 06 March 2018

In a new regular feature our award winning wine department will be expounding on the history and guiding you through the tasting of their favourite wine of the month.

Kicking us off in fine style is the wonderful Torres Purgatori hailing from the Desterrats Estate in Coster del Segre, Catalonia, Spain. This area, far from the sea was for many centuries cut off from the world markets and has ploughed its own path producing wines with characteristic elements.

In 1770 monks from the Abbey of Montserrat settled in the els Desterrats property as penance, and it certainly was, with a harsh climate and tough conditions their life there was one of hard work and asceticism. Their role was to cultivate this harsh and barren land to provide food for the local diocese, the legacy of their work was the discovery of a new terroir and a fine wine.

Today this wine is a superb blend of Cariñena, Garnacha and Syrah. Add new oak and spice and you have a big wine. That said, it is a red tempered by indigenous Catalonia grapes that bring structure and freshness to the blend and keep it lively and capable of ageing another two to five years before it gets to heaven. Look for a rich, dense black cherry colour with savoury, black raspberry, black pepper, spice nose and palate that at this point would be best with roasted meats, game or duck.

We have stocks of this delicious wine at a special discounted price of £15.99 reduced from £19.99 a bottle. Call in and pick up a bottle (or case) or two or call our wine department on 01609 766707 for more details of how to order.